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Success stories from our members


A manufacturer of vehicle cleaning products wanted to expand into pet care - they connected with a pet care distributor, who helped launch the product and agreed to sell the new range

“For the past 50 years, Mafra has been a leading manufacturer of high quality cleaning pro-ducts for automobiles across the world. Recently we spotted a gap in the market to diversify the product range and enter the niche sector of pampering pet care products. With this being a new focus area for the business, we sought partners to aid the expansion."

“We decided to use our Opportunity Network membership to seek a trustworthy partner for this venture. Within a month of posting the opportunity, we established a connection with a CEO of a prestigious pet product distributor."

“Following an initial exchange of emails, we met to formalise a mutually beneficial partnership. Following the successful launch of the Mafra for Pet product line, Mafra now sells its range through the new partner.“

“The connection yielded a very positive result for both sides. We got access access to a robust, international distribution network, whilst our new partner has been able to innovate by offering its customers a fresh and exciting new product.“

“We were able to quickly create a longstanding partnership which would not have been possible without Opportunity Network.”


An asphalt membrane producer in Spain successfully purchased a large

quantity of a scarce resource from a supplier in Italy shortly after joining

Opportunity Network

“I work in the purchasing department for a company in Spain that produces asphalt membrane. It’s generally used as insulation material in buildings and waterproofing. We were invited to join Opportunity Network by Caixa Bank."

“What’s really amazing for us is how quickly we managed to find a partner through Opportunity Network. I opened my account on January 4th and within 8 days I had already found the perfect opportunity for us!"

“I connected to an opportunity from a company selling SBS polymer, which is a material we use as a modifier. It’s actually quite hard to find this stuff so sourcing good suppliers can be tricky. The opportunity was perfect because it was from a company in Italy that had excess stock."

“After a brief discussion and negotiation, we closed a deal to buy 20 tons - literally a truck load - of the material from our new partner."

“It was really satisfying to see such a quick return on the investment we made in joining Opportunity Network and fantastic to think that we’ve found ourselves a new supplier we can trust. Hopefully we can continue to do business with them in future.”

What our members are saying about Opportunity Network

Capital raising is a big part of our growth strategy and I think Opportunity Network is going to allow us to grow quicker than we normally would. They have connections all over the world and we think that this is going to grow our investor base.

Mike House

Founder - House Properties

Michael Morris

Director - Eisner Amper

Fernando Salvetti

CEO - Logos Knowledge Network

Opportunity Network is very intuitive and it really flows nicely. [Opportunity Network has] nothing but first class individuals with great backgrounds, [who are] tremendously transparent and they do exactly what they say.

It´s very challenging to find trustworthy partners in foreign countries, and we found it is possible thanks to Opportunity Network. We made our first connection in a few weeks. The quality of our connections is very high.

“Opportunity Network enables members to anonymously list businesses they want to buy or sell and then connect if there is a fit […] If you happen to be one of its exclusive members then in a spare moment you might surf for deals on your smartphone while applying filters such as location, deal size and industry.”
“We’re not Uber, we’re not displacing anyone,” says Mr Pallas. “We’re trying to add value to every part of the value chain.”

"Opportunity Network helps family businesses find the
right deals”

Richard Newton

February 21, 2016

“Our company, Opportunity Network, connects the best banking clients around the world," he says. "So let’s say you’re the best client of HSBC in Italy, and you want to take your business into Brazil, we connect you with the best clients of a bank in Sao Paulo. The banks have already done the screening and those members have proven themselves reliable over time.”
"We’re taking the old fashioned model of introducing people to each other and scaling it up.”

"How A Business School Student Used His Personal Network To Build A Startup Valued At $100 Million”

Amy Guttman

October 29, 2015

Opportunity Network featured in: "Meet the hottest 50 UK tech startups which are now <scale-ups>"

Lynsey Barber

November 3, 2016

"50 of the hottest startups from across the UK have now been named the country's top "scale-ups" - the fastest growing businesses boasting average growth of 47 per cent over the past year.
We see from our own internal data that the UK’s tech and digital industry is growing year on year – and now combined with London and Partners data about tech growth over the last ten years this is resolutely confirmed."

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